Friday, November 26, 2010

Forgotten Forgiveness

I am not sure why I am feeling so. But at the moment I do not know if I can, ever, trust a group. Individuals still I may, but groups I am not sure.
Something happened today. Something that I had not seen ever before. There was this guy who was the leader of a team. Now he had certain powers and certain responsibilities. The powers were given to him by his brothers and he was responsible also towards his brothers. All the brothers worked hard for getting fruits at the end of the day. One of the leader's responsibilities was to help the brothers get better fruits.
For 6 months this leader continued to fulfill his responsibilities. Some brothers has problems along the way but they preferred to remain quiet. Then on one fine day, this leader made a mistake. He called one brother and gave him a task. This task would enable the brother to have a bigger fruit than others.
The other brothers were very angry. They asked him why he had done so. The leader replied that he wanted to give everyone a task that will help them get bigger fruits. But then tasks were hard to come by and they would need to wait. If enough tasks did not come up, he promised to distribute whatever tasks were there, equally amongst all.
But the brothers did not believe him. They felt that again he will give the tasks to his favorite brother. So they called him. He came with his favorite brothers but they sent them away. And then they questioned left and right. There were those also who did not need the task, but they also pitched in. Everybody wanted a share of the applause that accompanied every abuse hurled at the leader. The leader tried his best to tell them that he was not wrong at heart, pleaded guilty, but the applause and the abuse did not stop. They abused till the end - the thrill of it was just too overpowering.

The verdict came, and the leader was removed. Purpose served - the merriment began.

but then, what about being brothers. That was just lost somewhere. Somewhere deep down everybody just murdered the brother inside them before walking on to murder the brother in front. Nobody though of forgiving - of giving the leader a chance to go back and correct himself. Nobody thought that they would just lose a brother - after all, everybody knew that brothers no more stay long. One day, you would also be murdered by another brother.

I was also a brother. I felt safe when I would be with my other brothers. I would feel happy and protected. But what do I do now. I didn't knew brother also Kill. I didn't knew that my mistakes would never be forgiven. I didn't knew that I would always have to be right always. I didn't knew that forgiveness has long been forgotten.

Its very cold - I am freezing. But I won't ask you for a blanket brother. Maybe its not correct.